Lion's Arch (Wintersday)
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Town
Part of: Kryta
North Kryta Province
Disambiguous This article is about the Wintersday version of Lion's Arch. For the "normal" version, see Lion's Arch.

Lion's Arch is redecorated in a winter theme for Wintersday. A number of new NPCs appear for this event.

Lion’s Arch is covered in snow and has several Christmas themed decorations. There are wide assortments of snowmen, toy soldiers of different sizes, gingerbread statues, and gift boxes. Some portions also show candy canes sticking out of the ground.

Areas to take note of for large differences are Crafters’ Corner, Lionguard Barracks, and the center of town (right beside Merchants’ Row).

Special NPCs


Quest givers



Special quests

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