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Lian, Dragon's Petal
Lian, Dragon's Petal
Species: Human
Profession: Elementalist
Level(s): 24 (30)
Location in Wajjun Bazaar


Lian, Dragon's Petal is a Jade Brotherhood Elementalist boss who spawns in Wajjun Bazaar.

Note: She will not be there if you have the quest Closer to the Stars and are supposed to talk to Fishmonger Bihzun for the first time.



During Deactivating P.O.X.:

"No Am Fah I have ever killed was worth remembering."

During the Trial of Zinn:

"gold and platinum
to gild Oola's arguments
all join against Zinn"

After the Trial of Zinn:

"a deft maneuver
Zinn loses cool after the case
bravo, Denn and Krayn"

Skills used

Items dropped


  • Oddly she wields a wand based on a random element (Fire, Earth, Water, or Air), but uses the skill Conjure Flame. This gives her attacks a 75% chance of no bonus Fire damage.
  • Contrary to previous beliefs, Lian does indeed use the skill Dragon's Stomp against a single foe. She can use this skill immediately or she could wait up to ~8 seconds. The best bet to prevent this damage is a knockdown.
  • The focus she wields is a regular Paper Lantern, un-dyed. Her unique item, however, has a unique coloring.


  • Lian in Chinese is the confidence of society in a person's moral character. See this Wikipedia page [1].
  • The dialogue during the Trial of Zinn is a Haiku, a japanese form of poetry.

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