Lawrence Crafton
Lawrence Crafton
Species: Human
Profession: Elementalist
Level(s): 20


Lawrence Crafton is an Ebon Vanguard member who spawns randomly to aid players during the War in Kryta. His specialty is Air Magic.

Skills used


  • "Ah if it isn't <player name>. I'm doing a bit of field reconnaissance at the moment for the lieutenant, but it looks like the Mantle have stepped up their patrols of this area. Let's travel together; it'll be safer for both of us."
  • "One time, I was attacked by a giant wolf in a grain field. I barely escaped with my life. I managed to distract the beast by throwing an apple from my lunch at it. That gave me enough time to finish my spell. I didn't know that wolves liked apples, but they certainly DON'T like lightning."
  • "I'll bet you 100 gold you won't win this fight. Don't worry, I'll just take the money off your corpse."
  • "Dian got me drunk one time and I shot the lieutenant with a lightning bolt. He had me polishing armor for a week, which was about the time it took his hair to stop standing up on end."



  • He has a unique skill, Ebon Battle Standard of Power, which is quite powerful for those allies who stand in its area of effect.

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