Kurzick Priest
Kurzick Priest
Species: Human
Profession: Monk
Level(s): 20

Kurzick Priests are usually located at resurrection shrines within the Echovald Forest.

If you have more Kurzick faction than Luxon, he will offer Blessing of the Kurzicks which gives you +25 maximum health, +3 health regen and Kurzick faction for killing monsters in the zone in exchange for 100 Gold

If you have more Luxon faction than Kurzick he will tell you: "This resurrection shrine is only for friends of the Kurzick. I wouldn't want to see its holiness tainted with your Luxon-loving souls."

You will then get an option to either fight or bribe. Bribing him costs 50 Gold, will activate the shrine and gain you +10 Kurzick faction. Speaking to him again will then allow you to gain the Blessing of the Kurzicks.

Skills used

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