Kurzick Guard
Kurzick Guard
Species: Human
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 20


Kurzick Guards are normal Kurzick warriors found in most Kurzick lands.The Skills used Below are the ones used by the guards who defend the resurrection shrines.



In Kurzick lands, and you are a Luxon supporter:

"Don't make me kill you."
"Watch it!."

If you are a Kurzick supporter:

"We take our orders from the priest."
"We're here to protect the shrine."

In the Divine Path:

"It is an honor to meet you."

Skills used


  • Resurrection Shrines are the shrines located right outside of towns and outposts. Each of these shrines is accompanied by 1 Kurzick Priest, 2 Kurzick Guards, and 1 Kurzick Merchant.

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