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Koren's Hornbow

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Koren's Hornbow
Koren's Hornbow
Unique weapon details
Linked attribute(s): Marksmanship
Damage type(s): Piercing
Dropped by: Koren Wildrunner
Skin: Dragon Hornbow (dyed silver)

Koren's Hornbow is a unique item dropped by Koren Wildrunner in Drakkar Lake.

Weapon stats



It is possible to create an exact replica of this item with:

  • A perfect Dragon Hornbow
  • A perfect "Strength and Honor" inscription
  • A perfect Sundering Bowstring
  • A perfect Bow Grip of Fortitude
  • A silver dye


  • This green's name was previously misspelled in game (it was spelled as "Korn's Hornbow") - the boss' name is Koren, not Korn. During the release of the Eye of the North, the name was corrected.

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