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Kor Stonewrath

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Kor Stonewrath
Kor Stonewrath
Species: Giant
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 28 (30)


Kor Stonewrath is a Tundra Giant boss found in one of a few spots in Snake Dance.


Snake Dance Giants

Spawn locations in Snake Dance

Skills used

Items dropped


  • He shares the three possible spawn locations with Thul Boulderrain.
  • He is not a guaranteed spawn. If you do not see him in all the possible spawn locations, repeatedly exit into Dreadnought's Drift and re-enter Snake Dance to trigger the respawn.
  • Also consider entering from Grenth's Footprint via Deldrimor War Camp. You can also use the Grenth's Footprint exit as a respawn trigger.

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