Species: Human
Profession: Skill trainer
Level(s): 10


Kenohir is a Sunspear who is captured after the debacle of Gandara. After you rescue him, he appears in the Sunspear Command Post as a skill trainer.

Quests involved in



In Sunward Marches

"I am in your debt, stranger."

Skills offered

  • Any skills that are available as quest rewards are listed in bold.
  • Skill Trainers offer all skills that are offered by the Skill Trainer(s) listed before them.
Trainer Warrior Ranger Monk Necromancer Mesmer Elementalist Assassin Ritualist Paragon Dervish
Warrior-icon Ranger-icon Monk-icon Necromancer-icon Mesmer-icon Elementalist-icon Assassin-icon Ritualist-icon Paragon-icon Dervish-icon
Kenohir at
Command Post
Same skills as Medando in Yohlon Haven

See also

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