Kenan the Scribe
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Kenan the Scribe can be found standing in the center of the Temple of the Ages. His background is unknown, but he is a keen observer of the statues of the Old Gods. He does not appear to serve any specific function.



When the world acquires the favor, he will shout:

  • "The statues have awaken! We must have attracted the attention of the Gods."
  • "They say that ours was the first, but that the gods created other worlds after the Exodus."

When the world does not have Favor of the Gods and he is interacted with:

  • "Fame,glory,celestial treasure : all can be yours in the Hall of Heroes!"
  • "We must win the favor of the gods if we desire their blessing."
  • "They say ours was first,but that the gods created other worlds after the Exodus."


  • He sometimes gets "stuck" on groups of players that are standing in his path.

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