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Disambiguous This article is about Kaya, the collector in Guild Wars Nightfall. For Kaya, the quest NPC in Guild Wars Factions, see Kaya.
Kaya (Collector)
Kaya (Collector)
Species: Human
Profession: Collector
Level(s): 10


"Mwahahah! Those kids have broken into my garden for the last time! I warned Ahoj twice, but now I'm going to turn him into a toad! Oh, don't look so shocked. Kids these days are resilient. He'll bounce back in about the same time it takes you to get over a cold. Retrieve for me 5 Heket Tongues to make my spell work, and I'll grant you:"

Collector Items


Location: Vehtendi Valley (outside the northwestern exit of Yahnur Market)
Collecting: 5 Heket Tongues

Item Stats Reqs. Mods. Value
Suntouched Spear Piercing damage: 14-27 9 Spear Mastery Inscription: None 100 Gold
Daedal Shield Armor: 16 9 Motivation Inscription: None 100 Gold
Protective Staff Energy +10
Holy damage: 11-22
9 Protection Prayers Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance: 20%)
Energy +5 (while Enchanted)
100 Gold
Gazing Scepter Chaos damage: 11-22 9 Domination Magic Halves skill recharge of Domination Magic spells (Chance: 20%)
Energy +5 (while Enchanted)
100 Gold
Bone Idol Energy +12 9 Curses Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance: 10%)
Health +30
100 Gold

Kaya (Collector) Map


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