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Kasha Blackblood
Species: Human
Profession: Necromancer
Level(s): 2

Kasha Blackblood, Pre-Searing

Kasha Blackblood is a profession trainer for Necromancers.

Quests Given



"Greetings. I am Kasha Blackblood. I train necromancer apprentices [sic] in the art of Blood Magic; that is, stealing Health from enemies to feed oneself. Is there something you'd like to discuss with me?"

Skills used

She has 4 death magic, because her Bone Horror is level 5.

Kasha Blackblood, Post-Searing

Kasha helps tend to the Sanitarium after the Searing.

Quests Given


Skills used


"You don't look like the usual raving lunatics we tend to see around here."


  • In Pre-Searing, the Grawl behind her will sometimes overwhelm and proceed to kill her. When this happens you will need to re-zone from the area and talk to her again.

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