Justiciar Thommis (Dungeon)
Justiciar Thommis (Dungeon)
Basic Info
Campaign: Eye of the North
Type: Elite Dungeon
Levels: 1
Part of: Slavers' Exile
Justiciar Thommis Map
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This is one of the four dungeons located in Slavers' Exile. Justiciar Thommis and Rand Stormweaver can be found here as part of The Last Hierophant.





Boss-like Foes

Unique Drops


  • Can be completed with Heroes and Henchmen. There are many enemy groups bunched together, and the foes can resurrect one another efficiently, but they do not have many deadly skills. As long as you pull-and-destroy methodically and do not over-aggro, this level should not pose a major challenge.
  • The Ritualist Spirits spawn at random locations throughout the dungeon. They can be destroyed, but will respawn after a set period of time.
  • Upon defeating either Justiciar Thommis or Rand Stormweaver and their groups, a small mixed group of Stone Summit, Modniir and/or Wretched Wolf will spawn along with a dungeon chest. Each chest will drop either a gold weapon, an Onyx Gemstone, or a Diamond.
  • This dungeon section of The Last Hierophant need not be completed in one attempt. The goal is to kill each boss individually and will update your quest log accordingly so more than one trip is possible if not necessary.
  • Bring Frozen Soil to prevent enemy resurrection.

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