Skill details
Junundu Smash
Junundu Smash
Campaign: Nightfall
Profession: None
Attribute: Unlinked
Type: Skill
    4 Adrenaline 2 Activation    

Full: All adjacent foes are struck for 250 damage and knocked down for 4 seconds.

Concise: Deals 250 damage and causes knock-down (4 seconds). Also affects adjacent foes.


  • Junundu Smash can be used to knock down certain pillars to create bridges. To do so, use the skill nearby the pillar and it will cause it to tip over.
  • Follow this skill with Junundu Bite to gain 500HP (assuming the foe can be knocked down).
  • Note that when used in sync with Junundu Tunnel, Tunnel's knockdown will take place first. Therefore, adjacent foes will only be knocked down for three seconds, instead of four.
  • Though it is not mentioned in the skill, this skill appears to deal elemental damage, and most likely does earth damage.
Anomaly Anomaly! Though Junundu Smash says adjacent foes, it actually hits the spot in front of you and all foes adjacent to that.

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