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Jin Siyan
Jin Siyan
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Jin Siyan is a documentarian for the Ministry of Earth and a avid reader of Zenos' exploits.

Quests Involved In



In Kaineng Center:

"Hello! Do you like to read? I cannot recommend highly enough that you seek out the true life exploits of Zenos. I have all of his works countless times, in fact, he inspired me to write my own true stories of heroic explorers. Now I am a documentarian for the Ministry of Earth. That is a sort of historian, one who writes about event as they happen.
I may be of Cantha, but my heart is as nomadic as a Luxon, unfettered as the west wind. I follow one adventurer after another, though the most sought-after quarry, Zenos himself, has remained as elusive as the spike-backed seven-finned hopping fish of Eredon.
Have you heard of any adventures of adventurers that need to be chronicled?"

In Gyala Hatchery explorable:

"We're being led on a suicide mission by a maniac! If this is how adventure stories are really made, I'm staying behind."

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