Species: Norn
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 20


Jarnskeggi is one of the many Norn hunters in the Far Shiverpeaks that are waiting near resurrection shrines, granting the Norn Hunting Party blessing to players after they have impressed him in battle once.


After you have defeated him and you are not yet under Norn Hunting Party:

"Hide. They're everywhere! It's terrifying. I wasn't supposed to be alone out here. Please kill these blasted creatures."
Accept: "I was going to kill them anyways."
Reject: "I thought Norn were the bragging type."

While under Norn Hunting Party:

"I can't fight all these beasts alone! We're all going to DIE!"


Skills Used


  • Oddly enough this Norn appears to be somewhat of a coward for their race.
  • Jarnskeggi translates to "Iron Beard" in old Norse.

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