A Jade Armor

The Jade are magical constructs created by the Mursaat. They appear to be animated heaps of purple rock.

The Jade Armors and Jade Bows serve as the martial counterparts to the spellcasting Mursaat and can be found in the Southern Shiverpeaks and in Kryta during the War in Kryta. Jade Cloaks are relatively new, and have only been seen during the War in Kryta. They are greenish in color, and are elementalists, rather than a martial class.



  • Like the Mursaat, the Jade possess the powers of Spectral Agony. Unlike the Mursaat, they do not cast it. Instead, it is inflicted upon each successful attack.
  • Jades are not fleshy, and so are immune to several conditions.


  • Several Jade bosses are named "Cairn," followed by a title; an example would be Cairn the Relentless. A cairn is a heap of stones usually used as a marker.

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