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Ithas Bow

Ithas Bow

Ithas Bow

The Ithas Bow was obtained by buying a pre-order box from EB Games. This is one of the six Pre-order items that could be accessed by purchasing one of the pre-order boxes before the game was released.

Weapon Stats



The orginal release bow may be upgraded with a grip and string. The Marksmanship replacement cannot however be salvaged.

  • This item is always customized for the character that the /bonus command was used with. However, this command can be reused on each of your characters, consistently respawning the weapon. Any new mods added to this weapon cannot be salvaged.
  • The Ithas Bow performs like a Flatbow.
  • Originally the Ithas Bow's Armor +5 attribute required 10 points in Expertise but was changed later to Marksmanship.
  • Dyeing this weapon has no effect.
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