1. Destroy the fire golems. You have 5...0 fire golems remaining.
  2. See Emperor's Hand for your reward.

Obtained from

Guildmaster Luan in Kaineng Center


The Plot Thickens



"It is impossible that a rare creature from the Fire Island Chain could go undetected for this long. Unless... That is it! They must be moving it through the Undercity. Quick! You must descend to the depths of the Undercity and destroy this fiery abomination! Once you have done so, notify the Emperor's Hand of your victory. You must not fail!"
Accept: "For the emperor!"
Reject: "Fire golem? I think I hear my mother calling me...."

Reward Dialogue

"A creature from the Fire Island Chain? More than one of them you say? The emperor is in your debt, <name>. I shall see that he is made aware of your deeds."


The easiest way to enter The Undercity is to start from The Marketplace or better Nahpui Quarter, go into Wajjun Bazaar and then head south-east and enter The Undercity. After you enter, head south and then east, you will come to where the Fire Golems are. These are essentially the same as Flesh Golems and can be fought the same way. After defeating them go to Raisu Pavilion and talk to the Emperor's Hand to complete the quest.

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