Skill details
Monster skill
Campaign: Core Monster-icon
Profession: Monster
Attribute: Unlinked
Type: None

Full: Monster cannot be attacked.

Concise: Monster cannot be attacked.


Invulnerable Shiro

Shiro Tagachi under Invulnerability in Sunjiang District

Invulnerability is a passive skill used by various creatures throughout Guild Wars. Creatures affected by Invulnerability cannot be attacked, cannot be the target of skills, do not take damage, and do not suffer from degeneration.

  • Attempting to attack or use a skill on an invulnerable creature causes the following message to be displayed:
    "You cannot attack. (Invulnerability)"
  • Skills used against an invulnerable creature will not fail, rather, they will not activate at all and thus incur no cost, energy or otherwise.
  • The only way to affect invulnerable creatures is through non-targeted skills or traps that steal health or cause conditions, a list of which can be found below.
  • NPCs who aggro on invulnerable creatures will become stuck in a loop, continuously attempting to attack or use skills.Henchmen/heroes can be made to break aggro by using the command flags on the compass, and pets can be pulled away by setting their status to "heel".

Creatures known to have Invulnerability

Skills that bypass invulnerability

Related skills

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