2010-03-22: Intricate Grawl Necklaces


File:Nicholas the Traveler location 20100322.jpg

Farming locations

  • Suggested Farm #1: Team up with a friend and run any/Rt and any/R in the center of Witman's Folly northeast of Port Sledge.

Threats & recommended skills

  • Threats: Enchantment removal and condition return are abundant, so relying on either won't work.
  • Tactics: The /Rt runs in with some tanking skills up and pulls the 4-6 mobs in the center of the area, the /R runs behind him without aggroing the central mobs and drops Edge of Extinction (EoE) and Quickening Zephyr (QZ). Chain Vengeful Was Khanhei (VWK) forever due to QZ and kill everything with an EoE bomb. This takes about 1 min.
  • Recommended skills: As /Rt you will need anti-KD and some way to take less than 29 damage a hit so that you get healed from VWK. So you have to bring a tanking skill from your main profession coupled with IAU or some other anti-KD. As /R you need some run skills to break aggro if there are mobs in your way while running to the spot.

Solo farming

  • The /Rt with VWK can work without the /R but it's a lot slower.
  • Terra-ele with Obsidian Flesh and Dwarven Stability works here. Mind you energy toward the end of fights.
  • Spirit Spam works easily.
  • Warrior/any with Dolyak and Defy pain

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