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International Talk Like a Pirate Day is an in-game event, started in 2008, that coincides with the International Talk Like a Pirate Day campaign. Although the actual day occurs on September 19th, the Guild Wars event takes place on the weekend closest to September 19th.

Notable features

  • NPCs in port cities (see below) are reskinned as Corsairs during September 19th (Pacific time).
  • All monsters have a chance of dropping a Bottle of Grog (in addition to their usual loot).


NPCs have be heard to say the following during the event:

  • "Ahoy there, Cap'n Tightpants!"
  • "Ahoy there, matey! This be a no-hornswogglin' zone."
  • "Arr! Who be ye?"
  • "Arrg! Silly landlubbers!"
  • "Arrr! It's a pirate's life for me!"
  • "Avast ye filthy land lubbers! Prepare to be boarded!"
  • "Avast! I be a pirate this day!"
  • "Drink up, me hearties!"
  • "Ho there, cap'n! Buy me a grog, eh?"
  • "I be a pir *hic*. I be a pir *hic*. I be a pir *hic*. I shteal things."
  • "I like the cut of yer jib."
  • "Me booty! Who took me booty!"
  • "Sit down on the deck, mate! Rough seas ahead."
  • "Thank the gods I'm not a landlubber!"
  • "'Tis a fine day to sail the seas!"
  • "'Tis talk like a pirate tide, don't ye know?"
  • "Yarr. I can't stop grinning."
  • "Ye salty sea dog! Buy us a drink, hey?"
  • "Well met, jim lad. We be pirates, savvy?"
  • "What will ye do with a drunken pirate, ear-lie in the morning."

NPCs affected

The following NPCs in Lion's Arch and Kamadan appear as Corsairs on September 19th:

Model Lion's Arch Kamadan
Warrior-icon-small Warriors
Corsair Cutthroat
Monk-icon-small Monks
Corsair Bosun
Necromancer-icon-small Necromancers
Jack of Truths
Elementalist-icon-small Elementalists
Corsair Cook
Paragon-icon-small Paragons
Corsair Commandant

§ In Kamadan, two Istani commoners are transformed. The one that is mobile appears as a monk; a stationary one (near the traders in the northwest) appears as a necromancer.

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