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Inquisitor Lashona
Inquisitor Lashona
Species: Human
Profession: Ranger
Level(s): 24 (30)
Inquisitor Lashona map
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Inquisitor Lashona is a member of the White Mantle. He is first met during the Divinity Coast mission, as he was Justiciar Lashona.


Quest Involved In

Skills used

Items Dropped


Inquisitor Lashona: In the name of the White Mantle, everyone in this settlement is now under arrest.
Captain Greywind: We've done nothing to deserve this!We've lived in peace with the Krytans for years!
Captain Greywind: Have you forgotten so soon? Your own Justiciar Hablion granted us this land.
Inquisitor Lashona: I think it's you who is forgetting. Your countrymen gained his trust through lies and deceit, and were even welcomed as Knights of the White Mantle...
Inquisitor Lashona: Only to cut down our dear Hablion in cold blood, and murder the benevolent Confessor Dorian and his high council.
Inquisitor Lashona: You Ascalonians have brought your own twisted sense of peace to our land, and I assure you that we will hold you accountable for those villainous actions! Peace...hah! What a travesty.
Inquisitor Lashona: Commander, place these filthy refugees under arrest.
White Mantle Zealot: My pleasure.
White Mantle Zealot: Listen up, you Ascalonian trash. Drop your weapons and come with us. Now!
<Player Name>: Your fight is with us; leave these people in peace!
Inquisitor Lashona: You are all hereby sentenced to death for the crime of high treason. Men, leave no one alive!
(All Peacekeepers turn hostile and attack you)


  • Additional Jade Armors spawn throughout the settlement when the group turns hostile. Be aware.

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