Energy - Energy requirement
Adrenaline - Adrenaline requirement
Activation - Activation Time
Recharge - Recharge Time
Exhaustion - This spell causes Exhaustion

Name Target Duration Stats Notes Skill type Attr Cam
Burning Arrow Burning Arrow foe 1..6s
    10 Energy     5 Recharge
hits for +10..26 damage Elite Bow Attack Ranger-icon-smallMarks N
Flame Trap Flame Trap Trapped foes 1..3s
    10 Energy 2 Activation 20 Recharge
Inflicts condition and 5...10 damage each second for 3s Trap Ranger-icon-smallWS C
Incendiary Arrows Incendiary Arrows foe 1...3s
    5 Energy     5 Recharge
hits up to 2 foes near target Elite Bow Attack Ranger-icon-smallWS P
Ray of Judgment Ray of Judgment Foes adjacent to initial location 1..3s
    10 Energy 2 Activation 20 Recharge
Inflicted every second for 5 seconds Elite Spell Monk-icon-smallSmite F
Bed of Coals Bed of Coals Your location 3..6s
    10 Energy 1 Activation 30 Recharge
if knocked down in AoE(nearby). Deals 5..24 dmg each second Spell Elementalist-icon-smallFire F
Burning Speed Burning Speed Self 5s(self)
    10 Energy ¼ Activation    
move 30..42% faster, sets you on fire. Sets adjacent foes on fire on end Enchantment Spell Elementalist-icon-smallFire F
Mind Burn Mind Burn foe 1..6s
Exhaustion   5 Energy 1 Activation 5 Recharge
Hits for 15..51 dmg + 15..51 dmg and burning if you have more energy than target Elite Spell Elementalist-icon-smallFire C
Elemental Flame Elemental Flame foe 3..5s
    5 Energy 1 Activation 5 Recharge
whenever an elemental hex is applied to target Hex Spell Elementalist-icon-smallFire N
Glyph of Immolation Glyph of Immolation foe 1..3s
    5 Energy 1 Activation 10 Recharge
next 1..3 spells Glyph Elementalist-icon-smallFire E
Immolate Immolate foe 1..3s
    10 Energy 1 Activation 5 Recharge
Hits for 20..64 dmg Spell Elementalist-icon-smallFire C
Incendiary Bonds Incendiary Bonds foe(nearby foes on end) 1..3s
    15 Energy 2 Activation 15 Recharge
Hits for 20..68 dmg and inflicts burning on end Hex Spell Elementalist-icon-smallFire P
Mark of Rodgort Mark of Rodgort foe and nearby foes 1..3s
    15 Energy 1 Activation 15 Recharge
Whenever hexed foes are struck for fire damage Hex Spell Elementalist-icon-smallFire P
Rodgort's Invocation Rodgort's Invocation foe and nearby foes 1..3s
    25 Energy 2 Activation 8 Recharge
Hits for 15..99 dmg Spell Elementalist-icon-smallFire P
Searing Flames Searing Flames Foe and nearby foes 1..6s
    15 Energy 1 Activation 2 Recharge
If not already on fire, else, this skill hits for 7..91 dmg. Elite Spell Elementalist-icon-smallFire N
Searing Heat Searing Heat foe's location 3s
    15 Energy 2 Activation 30 Recharge
when this skill ends. AoE nearby damage of 10..34 for 5s Spell Elementalist-icon-smallFire P
Smoldering Embers Smoldering Embers foe 3s
    10 Energy 2 Activation 7 Recharge
when this hex ends and if target is still. Hits for 7...91 dmg Hex Spell Elementalist-icon-smallFire F
Teinai's Heat Teinai's Heat foe's location 3s
    15 Energy 2 Activation 30 Recharge
when this skill ends. AoE nearby damage of 10..34 for 5s Spell Elementalist-icon-smallFire F
Spirit Burn Spirit Burn foe 1...4s
    5 Energy 1 Activation 6 Recharge
If a spirit is within earshot. Deals 5...41 damage Spell Ritualist-icon-smallChan F
Anthem of Flame Anthem of Flame Target of attack skill used by party member 1..3s
    5 Energy 1 Activation 10 Recharge
Caused by next attack skill used by each party member effected. Chant Paragon-icon-smallLead N
Blazing Finale Blazing Finale Foes adjacent to target ally. 1..7s
    5 Energy 1 Activation 8 Recharge
Whenever a chant or shout ends on that ally. Echo Paragon-icon-smallLead N
Burning Refrain Burning Refrain non-spirit Ally 1..3s
    10 Energy 1 Activation 10 Recharge
when ally hits a foe with more health. reapplies on chant/shout end Echo Paragon-icon-smallLead N
Burning Shield Burning Shield foe 1..5sec
    5 Energy     20 Recharge
When you block an Attack skill Skill Paragon-icon-smallLead E
Blazing Spear Blazing Spear foe 1..3s
    6 Adrenaline        
Hits for +5..21 damage Spear Attack Paragon-icon-smallSpear N
Cautery Signet Cautery Signet Self 1s for each removed condition
        2 Activation 15 Recharge
Remove all conditions from all party members Elite Signet Paragon-icon-smallNone N
Holy Spear Holy Spear Target foe and adjacent 1...3 seconds
    4 Adrenaline        
Only if hits a summoned creature Spear Attack Paragon-icon-smallSpear E
Heart of Fury Heart of Fury Nearby Foes 1..3s
    10 Energy ¾ Activation 30 Recharge
inflicts burning to nearby foes on end. you attack 33% faster Enchantment Spell Dervish-icon-smallMyst N
Heart of Holy Flame Heart of Holy Flame adjacent foes 1..3s
    10 Energy ¾ Activation 15 Recharge
when ends. Deal holy damage for 30s. Enchantment Spell Dervish-icon-smallMyst N

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