Imperial Captain Shi Wang
Imperial Captain Shi Wang
Species: Ghost
Level(s): 20


Imperial Captain Shi Wang was once an Imperial Captain of the Dragon Empire of Cantha. He was once a comrade of Shiro Tagachi, until the day Shiro betrayed them all.

Quests Given



"After my death at the hands of Shiro Tagachi, I found myself bound to this Realm of Torment. In my day I was a captain of the Imperial Guard. But, you... could you really be flesh and blood? Allow me to pinch you and verify this phenomenon!"


  • Despite claiming to be from Cantha (Factions Campaign), Shi Wang uses the skin for an Elonian native, instead of one more suited to the Imperial Army, such as these Royal Guards.


His name may be a transliteration of one of the following Chinese words:

  • [失望] (pinyin: shī wàng, shi1 wang4), meaning "to lose hope", "to despair" or "be disappointed/frustrated".
  • [死亡] (pinyin: sǐ wáng, si3 wang2), meaning "dead" or "died".

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