Quest-medium This skill may be earned from a quest. See skill information for details.

Energy Energy requirement

Activation Activation time

Recharge Recharge time

Illusion Magic

Distortion Distortion Stance. For 1...4 seconds, you have a 75% chance to block attacks. Whenever you block an attack this way, you lose 2 Energy or Distortion ends.
    5 Energy     8 Recharge
Prophecies   Quest-medium
Ethereal Burden Ethereal Burden Hex Spell. For 10 seconds, target foe moves 50% slower. When Ethereal Burden ends, you gain 10...20 Energy.
    15 Energy 1 Activation 30 Recharge
Prophecies Kitah's Burden Quest-medium
Fevered Dreams Fevered Dreams Elite Hex Spell. For 10...22 seconds, whenever target foe suffers from a new condition, all foes in the area suffer from that condition as well. If target foe has two or more conditions, that foe is Dazed for 1...3 seconds.
    10 Energy 2 Activation 10 Recharge
Illusion of Weakness Illusion of Weakness Enchantment Spell. You lose 50...202 Health. Illusion of Weakness ends if damage drops your Health below 25% of your maximum. When Illusion of Weakness ends, you gain 50...202 Health.
    10 Energy 2 Activation 30 Recharge
Prophecies   Quest-medium
Illusionary Weaponry Illusionary Weaponry Elite Enchantment Spell. For 30 seconds, your melee attacks neither hit nor fail to hit. Instead, Illusionary Weaponry deals 8...34 damage to your targets for each melee attack. You have +5 armor for each equipped Illusion Magic skill.
    5 Energy 1 Activation 25 Recharge
Ineptitude Ineptitude Elite Hex Spell. For 4 seconds, the next time the target foe or any adjacent foe attacks, they take 30...114 damage and are Blinded for 10 seconds.
    10 Energy 1 Activation 15 Recharge
Migraine Migraine Elite Hex Spell. For 5...17 seconds, target foe suffers -1...7 Health degeneration and takes 100% longer to activate skills.
    10 Energy 2 Activation 12 Recharge
Phantom Pain Phantom Pain Hex Spell. For 10 seconds, target foe suffers -1...3 Health degeneration. When Phantom Pain ends, that foe suffers a Deep Wound, lowering that foe's maximum Health by 20% for 5...17 seconds.
    5 Energy 2 Activation 15 Recharge
Prophecies   Quest-medium
Sympathetic Visage Sympathetic Visage Enchantment Spell. For 4...9 seconds, whenever target ally is hit by a melee attack, all adjacent foes lose all adrenaline and 3 Energy.
    10 Energy 1 Activation 20 Recharge
Prophecies Ancestor's Visage  

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