Disambiguous This article is about the Luxon NPC. For the Prophecies weaponsmith, see Hylas.
Hylas (Factions)
Hylas (Factions)
Species: Human
Level(s): 20


Hylas can be found at the entrance to the Luxon Unwaking Waters outpost in the Unwaking Waters explorable area. He offers access to the Luxon Unwaking Waters outpost.



If you are not allied with the Luxons, or are a member of a Kurzick-allied guild:

"Oh no you don't. I can't let you pass. As a Kurzick, <character name> is not allowed into the Jade Sea, not to mention she[sic] wouldn't last a turn of the sun out there. Yeah, I know all about the "truce,", but my captain says we still must not allow Kurzicks to travel unchecked through our lands. I'm sorry, but I have my orders."

If you are allied with the Luxons, and are not a member of a Kurzick-allied guild:

... to be added ...

We have business in Unwaking Waters. (only available after Befriending the Luxons)

"The strong will take from the weak. It is the way of the sea. I will take you to Unwaking Waters when you are ready."
Accept: "We are ready."
Decline: "We are not ready yet."
"Your entire party is about to be moved to the next area. Make sure all party members are ready first. Do you wish to continue?"
Accept: "Yes."
Decline: "No."


Anomaly Anomaly! Hylas will always call you she; even when you talk to him with a male character.
Anomaly Anomaly! If you are allied with the Luxons but are a member of a Kurzick Alliance, Hylas will say he can't let you pass but actually the option "We have business in Unwaking Waters." will be available and therefore he WILL let you pass.

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