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Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts that allow the user to perform various actions in the game without using the mouse.

The following is a partial list of default hotkeys for English keyboards:


These keys can be altered using the Control tab from the in-game options menu, [F11]:

  • ` or ~ — Toggle the chat window
  • 1-8 — Activate skills 1-8 on your Skill Bar
  • Enter — Activate text-entry mode for chat in last-used channel, or send message if already in text-entry mode
  • ! (shift + 1) — Same as Enter, but activates Local channel
  • @ (shift + 2) — Same as Enter, but activates Guild channel
  • # (shift + 3) — Same as Enter, but activates Team channel
  • $ (shift + 4) — Same as Enter, but activates Trade channel
  • % (shift + 5) — Same as Enter, but activates Alliance channel
  • " (shift + ') — Same as Enter, but activates whisper channel
  • ; — Target item
  • ' — Target self
  • [ — Target previous
  • ] — Target next
  • BObserver Mode
  • C — Target Nearest Enemy
  • V — Target Nearest Ally
  • F — Target Self
  • GGuild panel
  • HHero Panel
  • IInventory panel
  • KSkills and Attributes panel
  • LQuest Log
  • MWorld Map
  • NFriends panel
  • PParty Search panel
  • R — Auto-run
  • T — Select called target
  • UMission Map
  • X — Reverse Direction
  • Z — Reverse Camera
  • F1-F4 — Switch to Weapon Sets 1-4
  • F5-F8 — Select specific bag on Inventory panel (opens Inventory if not already open)
  • F9 — Inventory Bags panel (shows all bags at once without the paper-doll section)
  • F10Help panel
  • Space — Equivalent to double-clicking the highlighted target
Not customizable

These shortcuts cannot be changed by the user:

  • Ctrl+action — Calls the action in the team chat window
  • Ctrl+Shift+H — Toggle the User Interface. Useful for taking multiple UI-free screenshots.
  • Shift+Printscreen — Makes a screenshot that does not show the UI (equivalent to "Ctrl+Shift+H, PrintScreen and Ctrl+Shift+H")
  • Shift+F10 — FPS graph. Hitting Tab when this display is up will shift it to a network traffic graph.
Pseudo hotkey

This action requires a mouse (and is not customizable):

  • Shift+click — highlight target without performing any action


  • Your Windows OS setting for "sticky keys" can affect the in-game hotkeys. For example, "sticking" the Shift key will cause keys 1-4 to open Chat instead of activating skills.
  • In addition to the defaults, there are dozens of additional commands that you can set to a hotkey.

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