Species: Human
Level(s): 1


Horace is a young man who has found his home in the Sardelac Sanitarium. He does not appear to have any purpose other than amusing players with his dialogue.

According to Warmaster Tharan, Horace has been taken to Ascalon City many times in the hopes that the familiar sights do him some good, but he always returns to the Sardelac Sanitarium.



  • "Are you here to take me back? I don't want to go back. Don't take me back. I'm staying right here."


  • "Pudding... All gone the pudding with the yellow."
  • "Here... Yes, here... Good."
  • "I was here. Oh yes. Yes. Yes. I was here. But you probably knew that. You knew that. Yes, you knew that. Why wouldn't you know that? Of course you knew that. Why not? I was here when the Charr came. It burned. Yes, yes it did. It burned. Yes, it burned. Can't you see that? Why can't you people just see that? I don't need to talk to you, you know. Why is everyone always talking to me? I want my pudding."
  • "ROCKS!! ROCKS!! Hahah!"
  • "Where's my pudding?"


  • There is a guard in Ascalon City who alludes to the notion that Horace may not always have been insane. The guard says, "Killed eight Charr today. If I get three more, I beat Horace's record."

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