Hopping Vampire
Hopping Vampire
Species: Vampire
Profession: Necromancer
Level(s): 10 (24)


Hopping Vampires are among the first creatures players will encounter upon entering the Warrens. Four of them will appear out of nowhere, together with several Thought Stealers. One group will appear in front and one group behind players who go down the path into the first room of the Warren. Hopping Vampires are suicidal creatures, who will chase players down and when coming into touch range kill themselves, taking the player down with them. They kill in one hit.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • Divine Intervention will protect from their suicide bomb.
  • Do not let them touch you. Kill them off at range before they can. Fortunately, their low level makes this quite easy.
  • Does not drop items if it suicides.


  • They are most likely to come from the hopping corpse, the Chinese version of the vampire, where they don't drink blood but take the life essence ().

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