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High-resolution skill icons
Warrior-icon-small Warrior Ranger-icon-small Ranger Monk-icon-small Monk Necromancer-icon-small Necromancer Mesmer-icon-small Mesmer Elementalist-icon-small Elementalist Assassin-icon-small Assassin Ritualist-icon-small Ritualist Paragon-icon-small Paragon Dervish-icon-small Dervish


  • These skill icons are from the online sealedplay fankit.
  • Some skill icons appear to be different from the versions used in-game. Any differences are noted above the icon.

Divine Favor

Blessed Aura

Hi-res-Blessed Aura

Blessed Light

Hi-res-Blessed Light

Blessed Signet

Hi-res-Blessed Signet

Boon Signet

Hi-res-Boon Signet

Contemplation of Purity

Hi-res-Contemplation of Purity

Deny Hexes

Hi-res-Deny Hexes

Divine Boon

Hi-res-Divine Boon

Divine Healing

Hi-res-Divine Healing

Divine Intervention

Hi-res-Divine Intervention

Divine Spirit

Hi-res-Divine Spirit

Healer's Boon

Hi-res-Healer&#039;s Boon

Heaven's Delight

Hi-res-Heaven&#039;s Delight

Holy Haste

Hi-res-Holy Haste

Peace and Harmony

Hi-res-Peace and Harmony

Release Enchantments

Hi-res-Release Enchantments

Scribe's Insight

Hi-res-Scribe&#039;s Insight

Signet of Devotion

Hi-res-Signet of Devotion

Smiter's Boon

Hi-res-Smiter&#039;s Boon

Spell Breaker

Hi-res-Spell Breaker

Spell Shield

Hi-res-Spell Shield

Unyielding Aura

Hi-res-Unyielding Aura

Watchful Healing

Hi-res-Watchful Healing

Watchful Spirit

Hi-res-Watchful Spirit

Withdraw Hexes

Hi-res-Withdraw Hexes

Healing Prayers

Cure Hex

Hi-res-Cure Hex

Dwayna's Kiss

Hi-res-Dwayna&#039;s Kiss

Dwayna's Sorrow

Hi-res-Dwayna&#039;s Sorrow

Ethereal Light

Hi-res-Ethereal Light

Gift of Health

Hi-res-Gift of Health

Glimmer of Light

Hi-res-Glimmer of Light

Heal Area

Hi-res-Heal Area

Heal Other

Hi-res-Heal Other

Heal Party

Hi-res-Heal Party

Healer's Covenant

Hi-res-Healer&#039;s Covenant

Healing Breeze

Hi-res-Healing Breeze

Healing Burst

Hi-res-Healing Burst

Healing Hands

Hi-res-Healing Hands

Healing Light

Hi-res-Healing Light

Healing Ribbon

Hi-res-Healing Ribbon

Healing Ring

Hi-res-Healing Ring

Healing Seed

Hi-res-Healing Seed

Healing Touch

Hi-res-Healing Touch

Healing Whisper

Hi-res-Healing Whisper

Infuse Health

Hi-res-Infuse Health

Jamei's Gaze

Hi-res-Jamei&#039;s Gaze

Karei's Healing Circle

Hi-res-Karei&#039;s Healing Circle

Light of Deliverance

Hi-res-Light of Deliverance

Live Vicariously

Hi-res-Live Vicariously



Orison of Healing

Hi-res-Orison of Healing

Patient Spirit

Hi-res-Patient Spirit

Renew Life

Hi-res-Renew Life

Restful Breeze

Hi-res-Restful Breeze

Restore Life

Hi-res-Restore Life

Resurrection Chant

Hi-res-Resurrection Chant

Signet of Rejuvenation

Hi-res-Signet of Rejuvenation

Spotless Mind

Hi-res-Spotless Mind

Spotless Soul

Hi-res-Spotless Soul

Supportive Spirit

Hi-res-Supportive Spirit

Vigorous Spirit

Hi-res-Vigorous Spirit

Word of Healing

Hi-res-Word of Healing

Words of Comfort

Hi-res-Words of Comfort

Protection Prayers



Air of Enchantment

Hi-res-Air of Enchantment



Aura of Faith

Hi-res-Aura of Faith

Aura of Stability

Hi-res-Aura of Stability

Convert Hexes

Hi-res-Convert Hexes

Dismiss Condition

Hi-res-Dismiss Condition

Divert Hexes

Hi-res-Divert Hexes

Draw Conditions

Hi-res-Draw Conditions





Life Attunement

Hi-res-Life Attunement

Life Barrier

Hi-res-Life Barrier

Life Bond

Hi-res-Life Bond

Life Sheath

Hi-res-Life Sheath

Mark of Protection

Hi-res-Mark of Protection

Mend Ailment

Hi-res-Mend Ailment

Mend Condition

Hi-res-Mend Condition

Mending Touch

Hi-res-Mending Touch



Pensive Guardian

Hi-res-Pensive Guardian

Protective Bond

Hi-res-Protective Bond

Protective Spirit

Hi-res-Protective Spirit

Purifying Veil

Hi-res-Purifying Veil



Restore Condition

Hi-res-Restore Condition

Reversal of Fortune

Hi-res-Reversal of Fortune

Reverse Hex

Hi-res-Reverse Hex

Shield Guardian

  • This icon does not match the in-game icon; this is the icon for Stonesoul Strike.

Hi-res-Shield Guardian

Shield of Absorption

Hi-res-Shield of Absorption

Shield of Deflection

Hi-res-Shield of Deflection

Shield of Regeneration

Hi-res-Shield of Regeneration

Shielding Hands

Hi-res-Shielding Hands

Spirit Bond

Hi-res-Spirit Bond

Vital Blessing

Hi-res-Vital Blessing

Zealous Benediction

Hi-res-Zealous Benediction

Smiting Prayers

Balthazar's Aura

Hi-res-Balthazar&#039;s Aura

Balthazar's Pendulum

Hi-res-Balthazar&#039;s Pendulum

Balthazar's Spirit

Hi-res-Balthazar&#039;s Spirit

Bane Signet

Hi-res-Bane Signet



Castigation Signet

Hi-res-Castigation Signet

Defender's Zeal

Hi-res-Defender&#039;s Zeal

Holy Strike

Hi-res-Holy Strike

Holy Wrath

  • This skill differs slightly from the in-game icon: it has a purple spot in the center that is not present on the in-game version.

Hi-res-Holy Wrath

Judge's Insight

Hi-res-Judge&#039;s Insight

Judge's Intervention

Hi-res-Judge&#039;s Intervention

Kirin's Wrath

Hi-res-Kirin&#039;s Wrath

Ray of Judgment

Hi-res-Ray of Judgment



Reversal of Damage

Hi-res-Reversal of Damage

Scourge Enchantment

Hi-res-Scourge Enchantment

Scourge Healing

Hi-res-Scourge Healing

Scourge Sacrifice

Hi-res-Scourge Sacrifice

Shield of Judgment

Hi-res-Shield of Judgment

Signet of Judgment

Hi-res-Signet of Judgment

Signet of Mystic Wrath

Hi-res-Signet of Mystic Wrath

Signet of Rage

Hi-res-Signet of Rage



Smite Condition

Hi-res-Smite Condition

Smite Hex

Hi-res-Smite Hex

Spear of Light

Hi-res-Spear of Light

Stonesoul Strike

Hi-res-Stonesoul Strike

Strength of Honor

Hi-res-Strength of Honor

Symbol of Wrath

Hi-res-Symbol of Wrath

Word of Censure

Hi-res-Word of Censure

Zealot's Fire

Hi-res-Zealot&#039;s Fire

No Attribute

Empathic Removal

Hi-res-Empathic Removal

Essence Bond

Hi-res-Essence Bond

Holy Veil

Hi-res-Holy Veil

Light of Dwayna

Hi-res-Light of Dwayna



Purge Conditions

Hi-res-Purge Conditions

Purge Signet

Hi-res-Purge Signet

Remove Hex

Hi-res-Remove Hex



Signet of Removal

Hi-res-Signet of Removal




  • This icon differs slightly from the in-game icon: it lacks the bright glare over the figure's right shoulder.


High-resolution skill icons
Warrior-icon-small Warrior Ranger-icon-small Ranger Monk-icon-small Monk Necromancer-icon-small Necromancer Mesmer-icon-small Mesmer Elementalist-icon-small Elementalist Assassin-icon-small Assassin Ritualist-icon-small Ritualist Paragon-icon-small Paragon Dervish-icon-small Dervish

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