Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Factions.


Throughout the long history of Cantha, there have been many heroes. Some of the greatest or most well-known amongst them attain a legendary status to the people of Cantha. After the deaths of these legendary heroes, their ashes were all consecrated in Tahnnakai Temple, and their spirits continue to roam its halls, providing guidance to all its visitors, until a time comes for them to finally pass on.

The Heroes

Each of these heroes has a place in Tahnnakai Temple, and a Stone Pedestal details their achievements.

For a full list of the Heroes of Cantha, see here.


The armors worn on the statues of the heroes are of the same skin as Elite Canthan Armor, except for Vizu who wears the Assassin Seitung Armor and Kitah who wears regular Mesmer Canthan Armor.

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