Region Tribe Name Trophy
Kourna Heket Warrior-icon-small21 (26) Stoneaxe Heket
Ranger-icon-small21 (26) Beast Sworn Heket
Monk-icon-small21 (26) Blue Tongue Heket
Necromancer-icon-small21 (26) Blood Cowl Heket
Heket Tongue
Vabbi Warrior-icon-small24 (26), 26 (30)1 Stoneaxe Heket
Ranger-icon-small24 (26), 26 (30)1 Beast Sworn Heket
Monk-icon-small24 (26), 26 (30)1 Blue Tongue Heket
Necromancer-icon-small24 (26), 26 (30)1 Blood Cowl Heket
  1. In normal mode, level 26 heket only appear during quests.

Hard mode levels are in brackets

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