Week starting 2010-08-30: Hardened Humps


Nicholas the Traveler location 20100830

Hump? What hump?

Farming locations

Nebo Terrace
Up to 17 Gypsie Ettins can be found around Nebo Village: a group of 2 near the Statue of Dwayna to the south (will often aggro on the nearby tengu); a group of 3 (sometimes including the boss Glutt Wallop) to the north; and 4 groups of 1–3 to the west. A short walk from either Beetletun or Bergen Hot Springs will get you to the ettin's range, although you'll have to fight through some mergoyles, tengu, and/or undead on the way. Use the portal to North Kryta Province to rezone in order to avoid having to repeatedly fight through the other monsters.
  • If your character has the War in Kryta event active, there will be a Peacekeeper roadblock on the way from Beetletun, which will delay you with an unskippable dialogue. It may be easier for such characters if you leave from Bergen instead.
North Kryta Province
A few ettin can be found just east of the Ascalon Settlement. This is not a very efficient farming location, as they are too far away from a portal for quick rezoning.
Places to avoid

Divinity's Coast and D'Alessio Seaboard are impractical farming locations: you have to complete at least half the mission before finding any ettins.

Threats & recommended skills

  • Tactics: As Gypsie Ettins are melee fighters, anti-melee tactics are recommended. Also, consider interrupting the ettin's Healing Signet.

Solo farming

See above for the most common solo builds.

  • a 55 strategy relying on Shield of Judgment will not work as Shield of Judgment is unable to kill the Ettins. Try using arcane echo and Ray of Judgment. It takes 3 consecutive uses of RoJ to kill the ettins.
  • The Caromi Tengu Wild have Shatter Enchantment, so bring a suitable cover enchantment or don't have any enchantments up when running past them.
[Build Name]
Build code, link to PvX, or description. (No need to mention 55 Monk, Terra Tank, Spirit Spammer, or 130 Dervish *unless* (a) the build won't work or (b) there are additional notes for the farms above.) Add any tactics notes, if different from above.

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