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Haiju Lagoon
Teipoa Island
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Shing Jea Island
Jaya Bluffs, Zen Daijun (location)
Haiju Lagoon map
(click to enlarge)


Haiju Lagoon is an explorable area on the Shing Jea Island, east of the Jaya Bluffs.



Neighbour Areas

Objects / Points of Interest







Haiju Lagoon

Hard Mode


  • To receive credit for the Vanquisher title track in this area you must defeat 157-201 foes in Hard Mode. Beware of the Ritualist Boss, Tin Dao Kaineng, his Spirit Rift does massive amounts of AoE damage (around 570 on 60 AR targets).
  • Having the quest The Captured Son active increases the number of Crimson Skull in the area and can make vanquishing more difficult.
Haiju lagoon vq

Haiju Lagoon vanquish


  • For groups forming in Seitung Harbor that want to complete quests in this area, it might be a good idea to regroup in Zen Daijun if possible, for the following reasons:
    • The travel times to the various quest locations are significantly shorter than going through Jaya Bluffs
    • Less resistance will be encountered
    • The Zen Daijun henchmen are level 16 instead of level 13.

To fully use these advantages, save optional Haiju Lagoon quests until you have unlocked the Zen Daijun outpost on your map.

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