Gunnar Poundfist
Gunnar Poundfist
Species: Norn
Level(s): 20


Gunnar Poundfist is a Norn NPC. He wields a hammer and is famous for his smithing skill.


Quests Given

Quests Involved In

Hero Armor Upgrade

Bring Gunnar Deldrimor armor remnants to upgrade your Hero's armors.

Upgradeable Heroes' Armor:


  • Gunnar is a male first name of Nordic origin, with its roots in Norse Mythology.
  • Gunnar's name bears some relation to that of Gunnarr Hámundarson, a mighty warrior who is a prominant character in Njal's Saga, one of the 13th century Sagas of Icelanders.
  • Gunnar Poundfist is a Norn, but crafts Dwarven Deldrimor armor.

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