Gunk Farmer Urme
Level(s): 10
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Gunk Farmer Urme is an adorably simple and earnest gunk farmer who appears during the Wintersday events, and who seems to be quite content with his job farming gunk.



"All work is all play, says Urme, when you is making gunk!"
"Hi ho, hi ho, is farming gunk I go!"
"I is welcoming you to my swamp, and I is very happy to is seeing you! I is Urme, maker of all that is gunk! I is not getting very many visitors in my swamp, but when I is getting them I is always making sure to be making them feel welcome. Some people is saying that Urme is smelling bad, but I can tell since you is still standing here you is thinking they is just being rude, so is not believing people who is saying that no more. Urme is very at home in his swamp, maybe you is thinking of living here as Urme is? I is sure I can be finding room for you if you is to be staying here."
"You is looking for gunk? Then you is coming to the right Urme! I be the greatest gunk farmer in all of these swamps, I is. You is very lucky, Urme is just making a very large batch of gunk he is not be needing all of! I is giving you gunk for free because you is nice person, but you is not telling anyone I give it free. Urme not want everyone to expect free gunk, then Urme would be out of job!"

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