Guild Wars Nightfall Game Content List - North America and Europe


The Nightfall Standard Edition box will contain the following:

  • Nightfall Access Key and which provides access to the Nightfall campaign
  • Nightfall Game on CD (North America) or DVD (Europe)
  • Nightfall Manual and with information on the world of Elona and explanations of new game features and mechanics.
  • Nightfall Quick-Reference Card and with a handy keyboard layout and much more
  • Nightfall Poster
  • Nightfall Buddy Key and a 14-day/10-hour free trial you can give to a friend
  • Guild Wars Epic Trial Key and a 14-day/10-hour free trial of Guild Wars Prophecies TM and Guild Wars Factions TM
  • NCsoft Trial Key Booklet and with trial keys for other great NCsoft games

Release Date

The Guild Wars Nightfall Standard Edition was released together with the Guild Wars Nightfall Collector's Edition, on October 27th, 2006.

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