The Special Edition is only available in Europe and North America, released on the 22nd of November, 2005. Though it offers no special items such as the Collector's Edition Divine Aura, the package has several noteworthy features.


  • The Art of Guild Wars Book 2.
  • Map of Tyria.
  • Bonus Music CD.
  • Code for unlocking skills, weapon and armor upgrades (Runes) - Specifically, 7 normal skills, 1 Elite skill, 2 weapon upgrades or runes.
  • Free DirectSong mini pak download. (see

The Special Edition still contains the original manual that shipped with the original release, which was outdated even then. However, the two original "manuscripts" (Book I, "The Lore of Guild Wars" and Book II, "The Challenge" which was the manual) are consolidated into one thick booklet instead of two separate booklets. The quick reference card is unchanged.

The Map of Tyria contained is far from detailed. It is, in fact, a blowup of the sepia map in the original manual (Book I, "The Lore of Guild Wars") and as seen on several signposts in post-searing Ascalon.

Instead of the original edge-tear pouch that contained the account key, the Special Edition has a hard plastic credit-card sized card with a scratch-off panel to reveal the account key.

The skill pack code (Containing all the free unlocks mentioned above) is a separate code that may be linked to an account; any account. It is in no way attached to the account key shipped with the Special Edition. The same goes for the DirectSong mini pak code. Both codes are displayed on the back of the music CD slipcase, unprotected even for security reasons. Check your purchase first to ensure that the slipcase is not kept inside the display box.

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