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Projects are focused efforts to improve or maintain a specific section of the GuildWiki. You do not need to be member of a project to work on the GuildWiki, nor are project members required to meet any expectations—projects are simply organizational tools to bring order to an otherwise chaotic medium.

Creating a project

Anybody can create a project—just make a new article in the GuildWiki namespace titled with the name of your project. For instance, if you wanted to make a project to maintain mesmer skills, you would make the article GuildWars Wikia:Mesmer skills project.

Projects should all include the following sections (preferably in this order):

Any other information considered helpful for the project can be listed below these sections. The following information is typical:

  • A stub template specific to articles that fall under the project
  • Links to relevant style and formatting guidelines
  • To-do lists
  • Templates that might be useful to editors contributing to the project
  • A userbox for members of the project

GuildWiki projects should be added to Category:Community projects.

Project directory

All known projects should be listed here, in alphabetical order by parentage.

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