Guard Lae Fao
Guard Lae Fao
Species: Human
Level(s): 20

Guard Lae Fao guards the gate into the Zen Daijun valley. He will only let you enter if you have completed the Zen Daijun mission.



Before completion of the Zen Daijun mission:

"I am sorry, but I cannot let you pass. The plague has overtaken the valley, and Master Togo has quarantined the area to all but a select few. <character name> should speak with Brother Hanjui and Master Togo in Haiju Lagoon for permission to gain entrance here.

After completion of the Zen Daijun mission:

"Greetings. Beyond this gate is Zen Daijun, a sacred valley tended by the Monks who live there.
May I help you with something?"

We have business in Zen Daijun.

"You have done much for the Monks of Zen Daijun. When you are ready to travel, I will take you in to the valley."

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