Guard Brovlosk
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Guard Brovlosk is a big fan of Candy Cane Weapons. Despite his dialogue, he actually wields a Ram's Hammer. Also, he mentions that one receives Candy Canes from collectors when that is not the case. Candy Cane Shards must be found and given to Candysmiths to craft the seasonal weapons.



"What's more delicious than a candy cane? A candy cane that can kill a Charr! I'll admit that it's not a strong as steel, but just looking at my candy cane weapon warms my heart and makes me believe that we can beat back the Charr, and winter as well. If you want a candy cane weapon of your own, look for collectors that will give you candy canes in exchange for battle trophies. When you have enough candy canes, take them to the Candysmith and he'll whip up one of these beauties for you."


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