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Greves the Overbearing
Greves the Overbearing
Species: Human
Profession: Warrior/
Level(s): 20 (26)
Greves the Overbearing map
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Greves the Overbearing (boss)

Greves the Overbearing, as a boss

Greves the Overbearing is a warrior boss in the White Mantle who appears in The Black Curtain during the War in Kryta.

He also sometimes appears directly outside the Temple of the Ages with 3 Peacekeeper Enforcers in an attempt to root out "spies" hiding inside the temple.


Skills used


Conversations with Brother Mizar:

Brother Mizar:: "You cannot pass! This land is protected by the Krytan law, even from the White Mantle. "
Greves the Overbearing: "I AM THE KRYTAN LAW"
Greves the Overbearing: "Let us pass at once! We know you are hiding spies within your heathen temple."
Brother Mizar:: "Our priests and priestesses are hardly spies. As for heathens they are the very people I'm trying to keep out!
Greves the Overbearing: "Blasphemy! Your gods are false, your friends traitors, and your words are poisonous! Men, kill this worthless priest. "
Brother Mizar:: "You can't do this! We are protected by special edict Saul D'Alessio himself! "
Greves the Overbearing: "Your temple may be protected, but you are just a man and you look pretty squishy to me!"

After battle:

Greves the Overbearing: "For simple priests and priestesses you certainly know how to put up a fight... "
Brother Mizar:: "Our Gods give us strength! "
Greves the Overbearing: "This isn't over priest! I'll return and next time, it won't be so easy!"


  • When he appears outside Temple of the Ages, he and his enforcers are initially neutral, but the enforcers turn hostile after a bit of dialogue. After defeating the enforcers and a bit more dialogue, Greves runs away. Bug: you can reach the hostile Greves before this one disappears.

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