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Green Hills County
Green Hills County 1000x800
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Pre-Searing Ascalon
Lakeside County, The Catacombs,
The Barradin Estate, Wizard's Folly
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Green Hills County is an area just west of Lakeside County. It is lush and filled with low level simple monsters such as Grawl.


Towns and Outposts

Explorable areas

Points of Interest






Green Hills County


  • This area is available only in Pre-Searing Ascalon. After the Searing, this area is merged with Lakeside County to form Old Ascalon.
  • There is a landscape glitch just outside the Barradin Estate. Go left across the bridge then stop next to the resurrection shrine. Click the top of the hill behind it and you can walk to the top. There is no visible entrance. You can walk right through the wall next to the water. If there are Aloe Seeds on the hill, melee attacking them will also do the trick.


  • There is a pair of highly decorated wagons found in a cul-de-sac, near the southeast corner, one of which also appears in Honur Hill in Vabbi.

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