Region Subtype Creature collectable drop
Istan dinosaur / reptile Monk-icon-small13 Rinkhal Monitor1 Rinkhal Talon
Kourna ape Paragon-icon-small22 (26) Tusked Howler
Paragon-icon-small22 (26) Tusked Hunter
ntouka Monk-icon-small20 (26) Ntouka Bird
Mesmer-icon-small20 (26) Crested Ntouka Bird
Dervish-icon-small20 (26) Rampaging Ntouka
Vabbi dinosaur / reptile Necromancer-icon-small20, 24 (26) Behemoth Gravebane
Dervish-icon-small24 (26) Scytheclaw Behemoth
Behemoth Hide
cobalt Warrior-icon-small24 (26) Cobalt Mokele
Mesmer-icon-small24 (26) Cobalt Scabara
Paragon-icon-small24 (26) Cobalt Shrieker
Cobalt Talon
Tarnished Coast - Hard Mode only mammal Warrior-icon-small(26) Aggressive Hippopotamus -
  1. Suspected

Hard mode levels are in parentheses.

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