Granite Citadel Ascended armor is an elite armor art in the Prophecies campaign. The art for each profession has its own name when equipped, but appears as "Granite Citadel Ascended Armor" on the Monument of Resilience.

Granite Citadel Ascended armor

Location Crafter Base armor Gold
Caster Warrior
The Granite Citadel Hagen 60 80 15 Platinum


Warrior Monk
Female Male FemaleMale
Warrior Elite Platemail Armor F gray front Warrior Elite Platemail Armor M gray front Monk Elite Judge Armor F gray front Monk Elite Judge Armor M gray front
Necromancer Mesmer
Female Male FemaleMale
Necromancer Elite Cultist Armor F gray front Necromancer Elite Cultist Armor M gray front Mesmer Elite Elegant Armor F gray front Mesmer Elite Elegant Armor M gray front

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