Week starting 2010-08-23: Glowing Hearts


Nicholas the Traveler location 20100823

Nicky is near Fisherman's Haven

Farming locations

Nicholas the Traveler farm 20100823 North Kryta Province

11 packs of imps in NKP

North Kryta Province
11 groups of 2–3 Fire Imps appear in the southwest corner of the area, in a region bounded by Lion's Arch to the east and D'Alessio Seaboard to the west (see map for spawn points and patrol routes). The most efficient path is probably to leave from Lion's Arch, head north to the first stationary group, then west, then south from the resurrection shrine, and then west towards D'Alessio.
Sanctum Cay (mission)
2 groups of 4 Inferno Imps appear at the start of the mission.

Threats & recommended skills

  • Threats: In North Kryta, the Imps can cause burning. There is some risk from aggroing Caromi patrols or miscellaneous Skale in the area.
  • Tactics: Follow the map; avoid unnecessary aggro unless (a) you're confident in your build surviving and (b) you don't mind wasting the time.
  • Recommended skills: Bring some self-heals or at least condition/burning removal. Breath of the Great Dwarf is especially nice.

Solo farming

See above for the most common solo builds.

  • This is a good week to try out solo farming, if you haven't done it before: since the Imps in North Kryta are low-level, nearly any L20 character with damage and some healing ability should be able to farm these successfully. (Just remember to stay away from non-Imps, who are somewhat tougher for a first-time solo effort.)

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