Disambiguous This article is about the PvE version of a split skill. For the PvP version, see Glass Arrows (PvP).
Skill details
Glass Arrows
Glass Arrows
Campaign: Factions Ranger-icon
Profession: Ranger
Attribute: Expertise
Type: Elite Preparation
    5 Energy 2 Activation 12 Recharge

Full: For 10...30 seconds, your arrows strike for +5...17 damage if they hit and cause Bleeding for 10...18 seconds if they are Blocked.

Concise: (10...30 seconds.) Your arrows deal +5...17 damage. Inflicts Bleeding condition if blocked (10...18 seconds).

Expertise 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Duration 101213151718202223252728 303233353738404243
+Damage 5678910111213141516 171819202122232425
Bleeding 101111121313141515161717 181919202121222323


Signet of Capture:


  • The bleeding effect when Glass Arrows are blocked is instead of, not in addition to, the bonus damage.
  • Glass Arrows works very well with Needling Shot, quickly spiking down targets with low health.
  • A closely related Prophecies-only skill is Melandru's Arrows.
    • Glass Arrows
      • Adds bonus damage unconditionally.
      • Lasts longer than Melandru's Arrows (at 6 Expertise or higher).
      • Lasts longer than most other preparations (at 9 Expertise or higher).
    • Melandru's Arrows
      • Adds bleeding unconditionally.
      • Adds more bonus damage.
      • Adds bleeding and damage if the requirement is met.
      • Has a relatively easy-to-meet requirement (enchanted foes are commonly encountered).

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