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Glacial Griffon
Glacial Griffon
Species: Griffon
Profession: Ritualist
Level(s): 28


Glacial Griffons are accomplished spirit-spammers. A Glacial Griffon is the target of the quest Cold As Ice.


Skills used


  • Keep in mind that spirits attack from longbow range.
  • The Glacial Griffon has no healing skills, it does have natural health regeneration though. Quick-activating health degeneration skills and kiting are your best bets.
  • Spoil Victor is effective against the Glacial Griffon.
  • Aura of the Lich and Barbs with 12 Death and Curse can easily kill it.
  • Grenth's Balance is a great way to lower the griffon's hit points and heal yourself.
  • Gaze of Fury may be used to instantly destroy its spirits and make an offensive spirit of your own.
  • It has well over a thousand health.

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