Giant Turtles are (as their name implies) towering turtles the live in the Jade Sea in the land of Cantha. With their shells towering higher than buildings, these turtles are one of the most distinguishing features of Luxon culture in Cantha.

Turtles in Luxon culture

Ever since the Jade Wind, Luxon society has depended on giant turtles for everything from warfare to architecture. Giant turtle eggs are very rare and precious, and when gathered are taken to Gyala Hatchery to grow into larger turtles. Turtle Hatchlings are a premium target for Kurzick sabotage due to their vulnerability. Once grown into larger turtles, the turtles are often used as beasts of burden, companions, or even as mobile foundations of structures, as can be seen in the adjacent pictures, or in The Jade Quarry. Elder turtles reach enormous sizes and can be observed in Cavalon and various other Luxon outposts.

For a list of Giant Turtles, see Category:Giant Turtles.

Giant Turtle

Elder Turtle, as seen in Cavalon

Turtle Hatchling

Turtle Hatchling

Siege Turtle

Siege Turtle

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