Gauntlets are available from Collectors and Crafters throughout the GW:EN expansion. They are not profession specific, and offer maximum armor based on the class for which they were crafted. Caster classes have a maximum armor rating of 60, Dervish, Assassins and Rangers have 70 AR, while Warriors and Paragons have 80 AR.

Some of the Gloves/Gauntlets may be exchanged with collectors for a hefty sum of some uncommon loot, while the others may be crafted for 10k and large amount of common and rare materials. Note that Chaos Gloves, Dragon Gauntlets, and Stone Gauntlets require that the person crafting them be at least rank 5 in the Deldrimor Title Track, "Bold Delver".

See the chart below for details:

Gloves/Gauntlets Location Crafter Collector Materials Cost
Chaos Gloves Central Transfer Chamber Gobrech Stonefoot 250 Piles of Glittering Dust
75 Globs of Ectoplasm
10 Platinum
Destroyer Gauntlets Central Transfer Chamber Odon Scragglebeard 250 Destroyer Cores
Dragon Gauntlets Central Transfer Chamber Gobrech Stonefoot 250 Scales
50 Deldrimor Steel Ingots
4 Monstrous Fangs
4 Monstrous Eyes
10 Platinum
Glacial Gauntlets Jaga Moraine Hildir 100 Glacial Stones
Stone Gauntlets Central Transfer Chamber Gobrech Stonefoot 250 Granite Slabs
10 Charcoal
10 Platinum

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